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Paleoamerican Odyssey—An International Conference Exploring the Ice Age Colonization of the Americas

paleoamerican odyssey logoHave you wanted to learn more about the first people who colonized the Americas during the last Ice Age?  Who were these people? When did they arrive?  Where did they come from and how did they get here and settle a new land?  If these and other questions tickle your imagination, you should come to the Paleoamerican Odyssey Conference in October 2013 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Path to the Americas

Archaeology can astonishingly answer questions about both the details of life thousands of years in the past, from the intricate family trees of ancient royalty and the diets of the first Homo sapiens to the specific locations of flintknapping activities within a camp and colors of dies people used to use to make clothing. On the other hand, it can open our eyes to much bigger questions. One of the “big ones,” a topic brought up repeatedly all around the world, is the issue of how and when humans arrived in the Americas.

Looting and Archaeology

When you see or hear the word “looting,” how many of you are aware that it has a huge and possibly devastating impact on archaeology? Loot is an attractive thing in video games, a noble goal of the charismatic trickster in popular media and fiction.  It is the coveted desire of collectors worldwide, while at the same time a puzzle piece to understanding a past that we are distanced from.  It is hard to discourage a determined individual, but people who pursue material culture for personal reasons are a determined lot.  The attraction of loot is understood widely.  Unfortunately, the damage looting inflicts on the archaeological record is perhaps less so.

What is the archaeological record and why does it matter?

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